Are Modern Bingo Games Better than Traditional Ones?


Bingo games are commonly held to bring people together and have fun. Bingo games have been around for a while now. I bet even your grandmother’s mother know how to play bingo. Its not surprising that many online casino sites have this game. Online casino sites are designed to bring people together to enjoy, the same way bingo games do. And because bingo is so popular, adjusting to the online version of the game is also easy. It’s no wonder why online bingo have a big following.

All throughout the years, we have been engaged in too many activities and playing games are part of those activities. Playing games is an essential part of our well being. It is one of our sources of relaxation and enjoyment. The internet has somehow raised the bar a notch up by bringing traditional games into the online platforms.

There have been questions as to whether the modern bingo games are better than the traditional bingo and the people’s choice are a bit obvious. Due to the demanding schedules, we have today, most people prefer to choose activities that can be done in an instant. That is why most people rely on the internet because it is really fast and efficient. The same goes for bingo games. I have listed below some points of comparison regarding the modern and traditional bingo game.

  • In modern bingo games, you do not have to use colorful markers or daubers to mark your cards in case a combination appears whereas in the traditional bingo, you have the burden of marking the cards manually which is quite tiring and consuming.
  • In traditional bingo, most bingo halls have developed a code name for numbers appearing on the ball like “Kelly’s Eye” which is for number 1, “Me & You” for number two and so on. But in modern bingo these are unnecessary since the computer automatically shows the drawn combination, which undeniably takes off the thrill.
  • In modern bingo, you can be relaxed as there will be complete silence even when you win, unlike in traditional bingo halls, the uproar of screams and shrills can be heard when someone wins.
  • In modern bingo, they have bingo rooms with chat rooms, which enable you to interact with friends online, while in traditional bingo halls, there’s none.
  • There are more variations in modern bingo games than those of the traditional ones.
  • Cards in modern bingo differ and there are various kinds like the 5 x 5 cards, the 3 x 3
  • cards and the famous 3 x 9 cards, whereas in traditional bingo houses the only available are 5 x 5 cards.
  • In traditional bingo, you have to wait for the manual drawing of balls that takes much of your time while in the modern online bingo, you can see the combination drawn immediately on the screen.

Given these comparisons, it is still up to your preference whether you like to play the traditional or the modern bingo games. If you are a person with so much free time, then the fun the slow moving traditional bingo is alright for you. However, for the others who are busy people that still want to gamble for a while, modern online bingo is waiting for you.