Playing Slots and Mobile Games at the House of Bingo

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The House of Bingo offers 60 different types of the classic slot machine game online. Each of the variations that the site has to offer its many users has a different range of corresponding bets and cash backs. The slot machines take bets either in the cash deposited into an account or in the bonus bets a user accumulated (hence referred to as bonus bets or BBs). A slot machine game on the site usually has 5 reels, 5 to 20 play lines, and a minimum bet of 5p.

A user can access the “Play Slots” option on the home page of the site and choose from three further subcategories. These include the top slot games, the new slot games, and all the slot games that the site has to offer. Some examples of themes in the slot machines offered include, but are not limited to: Treasures of Egypt, Rolling in Dough, Rubies and Sapphires, Queen of Legends, and Wild Vegas. Each of these has a unique betting range, which may be from 5p to £7.50 or even from 5p to £75. Besides the normal slot machine games they offer, they also have jackpot games available. These give the user a chance of winning a higher amount of money compared to the normal games. Examples of these jackpot games are Fish Toons, Top Speed, and King of Slots. They also regularly update their slot machine games. There have been 15 additions to their already wide variety of slot games. This is referenced in the “New Games” section in the “Play Slots” portion of their website.

The online version of the House of Bingo offers a multitude of bingo, slots, scratch cards, and casino (roulette) games to its patrons. These games have numerous forms and themes available on the site as well. It also has a mobile version so that the users of the site can enjoy its services more often and with more ease. The mobile version of the House of Bingo offers 49 of their most popular games, whether they are bingo, slots, scratch cards, or their many variations, on the go. There is no application that needs to be downloaded before players have access to the mobile version of the service. All a patron of the site has to do in order to gain access is to go to This means that the mobile version is available on any mobile device that can connect to the Internet. It does not make a difference if your mobile device is running on iOS or Android. The mobile version is very much like the original, online version of the site. It allows a person to set up their account and then sign in. People can also make deposits on the mobile version as well as make withdrawals.

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Promotional offers are also made available on the mobile version. The most prevalent one, and the one advertised, is the £20 sign-up bonus for new players. The mobile service is also advertised as having irresistible offers that are accessible to its patrons. With this mobile service, users can enjoy playing bingo online and subsequently making money from basically anywhere at any given time.

The House of Bingo offers instructional videos on how to use its mobile version through the video streaming site YouTube. The videos offer instructions on how to play mobile bingo, casino, slots, and scratch cards. The videos also show how to make withdrawals and deposits, and how to register and log in to the mobile version of the House of Bingo.