Progressive Jackpots at Womans Own Bingo

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Womans own bingo has been around the web for quite some time now. This online bingo site gained more and more players as each day passes. Many players, both in the UK and US, love this bingo site. They have generous offers that will surely capture the interests of new players. This site is relatively rich considering they have published Womans Own Magazine where players can browse through the massive range of games they are offering. Players are entitled to a 250% welcome bonus and free spins nz on their first deposit. They also offer progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpot means that the jackpot prize increases little by little each game unless a player wins the game. Say for instance, you are playing at Womans Own Bingo and they are currently having a $200 jackpot. Let us assume nobody won in game one, so the jackpot prize of $200 will increase a little. Just a fraction of the jackpot, $5 or $10 may be. This goes on and on until somebody wins. By the time a player wins, he will bag the prize of the jackpot at the accumulated prize. This is a very good marketing strategy that not all sites are offering. At Womans Own Bingo, they have a lot of games offering progressive jackpots that’s why many players are hooked to the site. Some sites may not be able to afford and offer of a progressive jackpot, but Womans Own Bingo certainly can.

You might think that this is without exemptions and restrictions, but you’re wrong. Usually, there are certain criteria to be met in order for you to qualify as a potential jackpot winner. Most of the time, the only players who can qualify to win the jackpot are those who have already wagered a certain number of credits per game. This often means that only those frequent players have the chance to get the prize.

At Womans Own Bingo, they have more than 10 games that are currently having progressive jackpots. I will list the top 3 huge jackpot games they have as of the moment.

  1. Bejeweled 90 Ball Bingo

– This game currently has a progressive jackpot of £20,664. That is probably worth a fortune to give out. This 90-ball bingo game themed with gems of different kinds and inspired by the game Bejeweled is a fun bingo game. Aside from being fun, what you can probably look forward to is the huge pot of fortune you are about to get a hold of.

  1. Deal or No Deal Slots

– If you think Womans Own Bingo only have bingo games, well you’re wrong again. They offer a wide variety of options which includes the very famous casino style game SLOTS. Themed with the famous reality game show Deal or No Deal, this slot game has a very tempting progressive jackpot of £278,077.

  1. Wonderland Slot

– If you think the progressive jackpot of Deal or no deal slot is already as insane as possible, think again. This slot game has a mind-blowing progressive jackpot of £1.811 MILLION! Yes, that’s right. A MILLION for a game in an online bingo site.

These jackpots at Womans Own Bingo are the jackpots you don’t want to miss. So hurry and visit the site and get a chance to be the next big winner.