Your Welcome Bonuses at Woman Bingo this Month

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The online bingo site Woman Bingo offers a welcome bonus of an additional free £25 from an initial deposit of a minimum of £10 when a player signs up on the site. All non-VIP offers are available to even the newest members on the site. These offers include “Cashback King,” which credits cash back on a player’s losses when he or she plays a minimum of £50 on Casino or Casino Mini Games (excluding Slots) on the Wednesdays of April (the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of April).

Woman Bingois also offering (as of the time of writing) the “Day 3 Forecast” and “The Oarsome Boat Race.” In “Day 3 Forecast,” every day from the 6th to the 10th of April, the promo has offered different prizes, including a £100 jackpot. All a player has to do to get the chance to win is to play at least £10 on Bingo, £30 on Slot/Slot Mini Games, £30 on Instant Win games, or £50 on Casino or Casino Mini Games. In “The Oarsome Boat Race,” players can choose between the Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams for a share of a £6,000 sum.

Another promo that is offered on Woman Bingo is “Super Links,” which gives out £20,000 in Bingo guarantees every day. “April Showers” is another offer, which gives users the chance to win their share of a £13,000 jackpot. “April Showers” only requires 50p to enter. Woman Bingo also boasts of a brand new “Playoff Palace.” Playing games in the “Playoff Palace” gives a member a higher chance to win a jackpot. Woman Bingo also offers vouchers for all of the aforementioned promotions.

However, there are also Woman Bingo offers that are specifically for VIP members. In order to become a VIP, a player must not only play during times when there are offers. He or she must do so more frequently to help his or her case in becoming a VIP on the site. The benefits of the VIP group include regular VIP cash bonuses with no wagering requirements, birthday bonuses and gifts, VIP-only exclusive promotions where a player can earn top-level bonuses, game reviews and bespoke game play advice tailored to a player, VIP-only prize draws with high-end prizes, exclusive game previews, and luxury VIP gift boxes that are full of top quality goodies.

But those are not yet all of the benefits of being a VIP on Woman Bingo. Other benefits of being a VIP include 5 weekend breaks, including a hotel stay, dinner and tickets to a show, complimentary dinner at the winner’s choice of restaurant, top seats at the most prestigious concerts and sporting events, a Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, going to international rugby games, going to exclusive events/places such as The Ashes and Cirque Du Soleil, watching the Cheltenham Gold Cup and Premier League football matches, summer and winter VIP Parties, and VIP-only luxury holidays.

Although not as prestigious as becoming a VIP on the site, being a regular Bingo member is still a pretty decent and satisfying experience. Being a regular member already has a large number of promotional offers available. These are promos that can be achieved without the need for subscriptions, payment or playing until a quota is reached.